Panorama Dive Resort
Bunaken Island / Sulawesi Utara / Indonesia


The Reef

Enjoy one of the very best dive spots on the planet, guided by professional, experienced dive guides.

Bunaken is famous for its huge coral walls and lies right in the middle of the coral triangle with the highest diversity on corals, and is home to more fish species than even in the Great Barrier Reef according to recent research from the oceanographic institute. Many of our very best dive sites are between 5 to 25 minutes from our resort allowing you to get straight down onto the reef without lengthy boat trips.

From the very small things like Pygmy Seahorses, Ghost Pipe Fish or Nudibranches, to huge Napoleon fish, schools of colourful reef fish alongside sharks or Eagle Rays - you can discover everything right here in Bunaken, the variety is simply staggering. Check out all of this aquatic life here in our gallery.

Our dive centre is run by our German instructor Sven, who has lived here for over 10 years and is very passionate about diving. All of the underwater pictures that can be found in our gallery have been taken by Sven from the very sites you will be diving for yourself.

We continually strive to deliver the very best dive experiences, setup your gear and provide you with highly skilled and professional dive guides who can show you all of the amazing creatures that thrive in the sea around Bunaken. You will have unlimited dive time for your dives, being limited only by your own no-decompression limit or your air, of course. Usually there are a maximum of four people for one dive guide. But often just two divers per guide so you will get their full attention.

Our equipment is very well maintained and we renew it frequently. We use Apeks regulators, Seaquest BCDs, masks and fins from Aqualung , Mares or Aqualung wetsuites along with 12l alluminium tanks. The boats are spacious with two or three engines and equipped with a first aid kit, oxygen and mobile phone. Fresh water to rinse the camera is available and drinking water is free of charge. Nearby in Manado there is a recompression chamber if required, but to-date we have never had cause to use it.