Panorama Dive Resort
Bunaken Island / Sulawesi Utara / Indonesia


Welcome to Panorama Dive Resort, Bunaken

Panorama Dive Resort is a relatively new addition to, but separate from, the long established Panorama Backpackers Resort. Recently built, our new resort has followed the tradition set by Panorama Backpackers of being a warm, family business. Our seasoned staff, all of whom are family or friends, will take care of you marvellously during your stay here. If you want a well-run, deluxe, bungalow-style experience then Panorama Dive Resort is just what you're looking for. If you're travelling on a budget or looking for more of a casual, backpacker vibe, then perhaps check out Panorama Backpackers instead.

Our resort lies on a small hill, overlooking and spilling onto Liang beach on the west coast. It was named Panorama because of the amazing view across the reef to the Sun setting on nearby Manado Tua Island, and for the spectacular volcanoes clearly visible on the coast of nearby North Sulawesi. It is well-known as a top destination by many travellers, divers and snorkellers around the world. With even more bio-diversity than the Great Barrier Reef, many regard Bunaken to have the best diving experience in all Indonesia. We wouldn't disagree, but then we love our island. You simply have to come here, kit-up, and see it for yourself.

Each of our bungalows has one room with a double bed, and some with an accompanying single bed. All bungalows include a fan, mosquito net and have an en-suite bathroom with western-style toilet and shower. There is also a hammock on each balcony if you fancy a spot of relaxation after diving. The power plugs are the two-pin variety and are the same as those found in mainland Europe.

Contrary to some reports you may have read, the beaches on Bunaken are generally clean and perfectly enjoyable. The only exception to this rule is in the rainy season, between January and March, when storms and currents wash debris across from the mainland when we have to take action to clean the beaches ourselves. As the weather is particularly inclement at this time, it is wise to avoid Indonesia in general during those months.